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About Apex Investigation Services

salem-oregon-private-investigator-Joe-Laria-badgeApex Investigations provides a full line of investigation services with over 15 years of investigative experience. The company’s owner, Mr. Laria, earned his bachelor’s degree from Florida State University before he began his private investigation career in Los Angeles working for Fortune 500 companies and specializing in static and mobile surveillance. Clients frequently requested his services for their more challenging metro cases nationwide. He has conducted mobile surveillances in some of the nation’s largest and busiest cities. After almost five years as a private investigator in Los Angeles, he moved to the Pacific Northwest and accepted a position with the Oregon State, Department of Revenue as an investigator. There, he was responsible for the investigation, negotiation and collection of delinquent taxes owed by businesses and private parties. Many of his cases were considered cold cases. He was responsible to investigate assets, identify and locate parties of interest and conduct field investigations. He was soon promoted to a Compliance Officer and Case Presenter where he conducted investigations and presented Administrative law cases representing the State for different agencies for over 10 years before returning to the private sector to start Apex.

With thousands of cases investigated and close to one hundred administrative law cases presented to administrative law judges, Mr. Laria knows the importance of fair, objective and unbiased evidence. You can count on Apex to provide you with the uncompromised, fair and objective facts.

Apex Investigations is based in the State’s Capitol city of Salem, however, we provide investigative services throughout the entire state of Oregon. Apex Investigation Services is a limited liability company that is large enough to provide you with the skills, knowledge and ability your case requires but small enough to give you the professional and personalized service you deserve.

Reliable & Affordable Private Investigations

Our mission at Apex is to exceed your expectations and provide you with objective and uncompromising evidence through our acumen and professional approach. We are firmly committed to integrity, discretion, and due diligence in all of the services we provide.

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