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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Hires Private Investigators?

Anyone can hire a private investigator. However, law firms, businesses, insurance companies and private citizens are the main clientele of the private investigator.

What Types of Cases Do Private Investigators Handle?

Private investigators are retained for many different types of investigative cases. Fraud, divorce, child support/custody, insurance claims and process service to name a few. They are also retained for accident investigations, surveillance, field investigation and disability claims.

Do Private Investigators Provide Assistance to Lawyers?

Private investigators may help civil lawyers or criminal defense lawyers with other aspects of the case. For example, they may conduct an independent investigation of the evidence. They may gather evidence about an automotive accident, such as photographs, parts of the vehicle, electronically-stored information and interview witnesses in order to reach an independent conclusion regarding the evidence. The attorney then determines how to handle this evidence.

Do Private Investigators Investigate or Work for Corporations and Businesses?

Private investigators are also retained in a number of other cases. For example, they may be asked to assist in business fraud cases by posing as a party interested in an illegal or unethical practice. They may be retained by insurance companies when the injured victim claims to have suffered a disability but his or her social media pages show the individual performing construction work.

What Do Private Investigators Not Do?

Although private investigators may have access governmental records and resources, that information may be monitored and regulated. There are certain things that they are prohibited from doing. For example, they cannot pose as a law enforcement officer, wiretap phones, make recordings in violation of state laws or perform any illegal activities on behalf of their clients.

Can private investigators access police and government databases?

Some government databases do allow licensed private investigators access. In addition, private investigators may typically gain access to proprietary information databases that are not available to the general public.

Will you keep my information confidential?

Yes. Your information is kept confidential unless we are required by law or a court order to share your information with the authorities. Your case will not be discussed outside of our firm without your permission. In addition, all case histories and client information are kept in a secure location.

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