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surveillance equipment Joe Laria of Apex Investigation Services - Salem, OregonAt Apex, we can provide a variety of background checks, surveillance and private investigative services for employment, spouse, custody, fraud, theft or anything in-between.

In Oregon, injured employees are not required to prove fault because of the state’s no-fault workers’ compensation system. As a result, fraudulent workers’ compensation claims are on the rise costing insurance companies, taxpayers, and the general public. If your company is dealing with a workers’ compensation claim, a private investigator can assist in verifying the claim. If evidence of fraud is discovered, the short term cost of hiring your own private investigator will pay off in long-term savings to your company. Feel free to contact us for a no charge consultation.

When dealing with litigation, businesses and attorneys don’t always have the time or expertise to investigate every potential lead. Nor can they afford to neglect the crucial, time consuming and arduous task of evidence-gathering. Success in the courtroom is largely dependent upon the strength of your evidence. Gathering, processing and safely preserving it for trial is vitally important. We can make sure your firm receives the uncompromised evidence and investigative support it needs. Apex provides the litigation support services required by successful businesses and attorneys. Let one of our experienced private investigators help you locate and secure the evidence you need.

15 plus years of experience in the investigative industry have provided us with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement a comprehensive process for many private investigative services. We conduct every investigation with efficiency and discretion. No matter how complex or difficult the case, you can depend on Apex to provide objective, factual and verifiable information, admissible in a court of law. We maintain availability for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

Apex Investigations offers the following services but not limited to:

  • Private Investigation Services
  • Business/Corporate Investigation
  • Litigation Support
  • Surveillance Services
  • Counter Surveillance Services
  • Fraud and Theft Investigation
  • Employment Issues
  • In Person Interviews
  • Suspect/Witness Location and Interview
  • Professional License Verification
  • Credential Verification
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Personal Investigation
  • On Line Computer Searches
  • Alimony and Child Custody Issues
  • Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Checks
  • Disability Claims
  • Spousal Investigation
  • Individual Location
  • Process Serving

Free Services:

  • Consultation
  • Text Updates
  • Video
  • Written Reports

Reliable & Affordable Private Investigations

Our mission at Apex is to exceed your expectations and provide you with objective and uncompromising evidence through our acumen and professional approach. We are firmly committed to integrity, discretion, and due diligence in all of the services we provide.

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